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Finding what works can take time, so we spend a lot of our time testing out new ideas for our customers. SEO, SEM, PPC Branding and Website development. We help you take a bite out of the global market place. Contact us for amazing solutions, free seo audits and consultations for your marketing needs. Book a consultation with us today!


What We Do


Helping your audience find you by being on the first page of Google is paramount now a days. We can help design a plan that gets you on your way to achieving those goals.


Sometimes being at the top page of google doesnt get to your customers, delivery of your content thorugh paid clicks is a great option. Weather its Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram or any others. We can help you direct your camping to higher conversions and better Returns.

Branding And WebDevelopment

Why a customer remembers you should be your top quality service and highly rated products. A good website and proper branding help those things stay in their mind as they leave a happy customer. Creating better referral rates and return customers.

This is what we do in a nutshell:

Companies have a lot on their minds. Producing quality services and products should be taking up most of your time. Our job here at Unicursal Media is to help your company meet your customers on the Web. Utilizing tried and true SEO and PPC methods. We are able to help you climb to the top of your game and stay there. Weather you want to be on page one of google for your keywords or if you are jsut looking for a few new likes on Facebook. Unicursal Media has a package deisng thats right for you.

Working with Unicursal Media has been an experience of a lifetime.Great team and very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend contacting their team to see how they can help. Matt Elmore of Diggity Marketing.


SEO ~ Search Engine Optimization


Web Development


PPC ~ Pay Per Click Advertising



Some words from our clients

We don't like to brag,so we let others do it for us.
Corey Heium ~ Guru Media

Working with Unicursal Media has been a massive success. We went from the bottom of page ten in our main keywords to page 1 with only a few consultations with Jonathan Gaucher and his team! We keep coming back for more and they make us some serious money.

Corey Heium ~ Guru Media -
Myles Gray ~ Higher Octave

Working with Unicursal Media has changed my goals as worker. I went from a well paying job to an even better paying job in an area of life I am actually interested in. Now I make great money doing what I Love!!!

Myles Gray ~ Higher Octave -
Brendan Jaffer~ Danyasas Yoga

With only a few consultations with Jonathan we flew to number one in google for our local search term and finally beat our competition, turning hard work into new customers.

Brendan Jaffer~ Danyasas Yoga -

Free SEO Page Audit
October 23, 2016

Free SEO Page Audit

Unicursal Media Free SEO Page Auditor Good On-Site SEO is very important. We have come up with a easy way for you to see how your website stacks up against your compeitior sites and against our SEO Score sheet. Try it out, its totally free. Simply Type in your keyword and URL for your website and teh sites of your compeitiors to see how youre doing. Once its done, it will automatically sen you a

Week #1
June 6, 2016

Week #1

Who, What, where and when it is that How this all came to be~ I am going to take the time out to create a blog for everyone to follow along here. A case study. I feel a small introduction is important. My name is Jonathan, I have been in and out of the advertising field since I was young. I am a lifetime dedicated musician and live on the side of the jungle out

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Jonathan Gaucher
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