Week #1

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Who, What, where and when it is that How this all came to be~

I am going to take the time out to create a blog for everyone to follow along here. A case study. I feel a small introduction is important. My name is Jonathan, I have been in and out of the advertising field since I was young. I am a lifetime dedicated musician and live on the side of the jungle out in the lands of Costa Rica. About three or four years ago I started making websites and advertising my music through Facebook and word press ect. I quickly realized who the worlds demographics  and they were not interested in what I had to sell. So, I found out what they were buying. My first time hearing gang nam style I realized there was a large majority of these people buying things on the internet. So I found a way to capitalize on their idiocracy to create my own  world. The process has bought me land with fresh water wells, gardens, greens houses, solar, Jacuzzi and a new freedom to life and my financial situation I had only imagined when I was younger.

I had lots of help along the way, Matt Diggity was a huge part of my easy entry and success with SEO, the other back ground was work with webpages,advertising, business at large and a steadfast motivation to succeed, goals are important things.

Which brings me to today a year later and wanting to see where the SEO world is at today and what can id to for those around me. Sharing this new learning process is my repayment to the community at large. For happening along my way.


How easy or difficult is it to build a Four Figure Income with Affiliate SEO?

This is essentially the platform I would like to take. I want to keep track of the time money and knowledge potentially needed to produce a solid $x,xxx USD a month. I will some what quickly and vaguely keep track of this so people can see the progress, I may not suggest anything in particular other than suggestions for your own tests and case studies to try out. Basic to intermediate skills around creating word press websites, hosting and structural website understanding is important to have in your tool box.


What I am starting out with~

I am starting out here with three aged and branded domains, they have been sitting with skeleton content for a few months already, so this is start a little further ahead than a dead stand still. None the less I am hoping it will convey on average the same idea in a more timely manor suited to the follow along.

Finding yourself a good server set up and a few domains, aged preferably if you can find them cheaply with good trust and citation flows  are going to be useful in your time as well. Although time and time again, extremely powerful and trusted links can stomp down almost any fear of moving forward. If you have access to strong link back links and credible sources, it makes it easier.







The Three Sites~


The Three Categories of Links~


The Good The Bad and The Black Hat Ugly~








Thanks for following along with us here at unicursal media.

About the author:

Hi! My name is Jonathan. I am the CEO of Unicursal Media

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